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Governor Ige’s Private School Hypocrisy

Governor David Ige staunchly opposes school choice stating that public tax dollars should not be used to fund your children’s private school tuition, while simultaneously having sent his own children to private school with your tax dollars.

Governor Ige proudly proclaims he is the result of the public school education system yet conveniently leaves out the fact his children attended private school.

Why is that Governor Ige has placed such an emphasis on increasing education spending when more spending does not necessarily equate to better results? Why is that Governor Ige regularly speaks of special interests yet never mentions the special interests of the teachers unions? Do teachers unions really have the interests of students over that of their own?

We’ve seen how public unions especially those of the teachers have forcibly collected union fees to push political causes and candidates that their own constituents do not even support.

Now we have progressives like Kanela Ing, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders within the Democratic Party looking to indoctrinate children in socialist ideology.

Hawaii’s Democratic regressive policies only continue to hurt the hardworking people of Hawaii. The high tax burden coupled with the restrictive housing policies leave many individuals and families having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet or leaving the state entirely. Between heavy taxation and bureaucratic legislation the people of Hawaii have furthered the Government’s reach into everyday life, especially that of education.

One would think that with the heavy taxation in Hawaii that taxpayers would be allowed more flexibility in how their tax dollars could be used. As said by Ige himself, ” I support early childhood education but I am opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment that allows taxpayer dollars to be spent on private preschools.” What this translates into is that Governor Ige opposes school choice.

Like most in congress ,  and public school teachers, Governor Ige tells the taxpayers NO to school choice and enrolls his children in private schools. If the public education system is so great, why not send his own children?

Governor Ige rejects school choice; which allows parents to take their children out of underperforming schools and place them in better performing schools with their very own tax dollars.

If it’s your children’s future and your tax dollars, why would you want to elect a leader who thinks he knows what’s best for your children? Yet Governor Ige did not send his own children to those same schools he supports so adamantly.

Not only do parents continue to support the monopoly the government holds on education, they do not question its grasp. Democrats are adamant about not allowing school choice to progress but they themselves  do not always send their children to public schools.

What is even more disturbing is the Democratic Socialists of America are now targeting the public education system to indoctrinate children in socialist ideology.

Hawaii’s most important and valuable asset is its people, especially the Keiki.  Do you want a political leader that is already talking about increasing taxes, who has already restricted the housing supply, and who has limited your children’s education under the guise of Democracy?

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